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Here is an estimate of the charges -
Registration fee (to govt) :Rs.
Stamp duty (to govt for months) : Rs. /-
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How does it work?


Register on our website

When you register you get a username and password to login. We breif you in person or on call about our service.


Schedule a Registration

Put in details of the clients (both parties) and schedule a time and place at which they will be present for registration, you can also pay all fees online.


Finalize the Agreement

In the mean time we create the agreement with the details provided. We email you this agreement so you can check and finalize with (or get client approval if needed)


Actual Registration

Our employee will visit at scheduled time and register the agreement using Aadhar Verification and Biometric devices!


Agreement couriered

Once the Regstration is successful, we will notify and mail a hard and soft copy of the Agreement to both your clients.


Re-Registration Reminder

We will notify you in advance when the duration of this registration is about to finish so you can approach the client in advance to re-register the agreement.

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